Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dirty Spaceman

Tonight I'm leaving
Though I'm bleeding
Now you know me as Dirty Spaceman, yeah
Tonight I'm leaving
Got that spaceman head and
Now I'm leaving (now I'm leaving)

Angel Mouth ate my Jedi Jello
Now she feels the burn (now she feels the burn)
And I'm feeling extra angry
I-I-I I'm the Dirty Spaceman
(Yeah, yeah, sometimes I'm pretty)

Best lyrics ever...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Some things were good,
Some things were bad,
Mostly on the up and up,
Your passing makes us sad.

You were the guiding star for those at Infinity Loop,
Your standards never did stoop,
You will now guide from above,
In that we all trust and love.

Haters will troll,
Fanboys -- extoll,
Forever peace be upon you and your soul.

I for one will always Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish because of you.

Many thanks for all that you've done.

Rest In Peace,
Icon, Mentor, Genius, Legend.

Star Wars Viewing Order

While reading through this question and the answers, I decided that if and when the time comes, I'd make the kids watch the movies in the following order:
4 (Hope), 5 (Empire), 1 (Phantom), 2 (Clones), 3 (Sith), 6 (Jedi)
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