Thursday, August 5, 2010

Selenium - Xpath for links

Still working with Selenium, yet now the issue is with Xpaths.

I needed to verify that there are only 3 companies displayed on the page.  They are located inside of an anchor > div > div with the class Pod.
I wanted to do a verifyXpathCount | Xpathlocation | 3, but the rest of the content on the page, unfortunately was also inside of divs with the "Pod" class, so it was failing.

Selenium - Unexpected Exception (Security Manager vetoed action)

Today I ran into a problem with Selenium when creating an automation script to check one of our Mobile Sites.  The first command was a simple Open:

open /folderName/

The rest of it was verification points.

When I ran the script, it would execute and the page would load, but I'd get an error:
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