Friday, March 30, 2012


How did you memorize the notes on sheet music and the circle of fifths?

I'm sure we've all heard "Every Good Boy Does Fine" in music class, but there are two that I've used for forever, and oddly enough, they can't be found here or here...

For learning Staff Notation, the mnemonic that I use is:
"Elvis Got Big Dirty Feet" for the lines and FACE for the spaces.

And for the Circle of Fifths, I use:
"Fat Chicks Get Drunk At Every Bar"


(P.S. For the Bass Clef, I just use "Got Big Dirty Feet Always" for the lines and ACEG (pronounced ace-gee) for the spaces).

Which do you use?  If you've never learned of these before, do you think these are catchy, and how likely are you to use them?

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