Monday, August 22, 2011

JMeter -- Process Setup 05 -- Editing && Creating

This is part five of our Setup process.  Part four can be found here:

Located in the bin folder are a few files comes with JMeter to tweak it's configuration: httpclient.parameters,,,,, and  We will edit the and create our own properties file: (both are included in the bundles here

Note: If you wish, you can replace your default with the one from the bundle, or you can edit your own.  The same thing goes for the -- you can create it from scratch or you can use / tweak the one from the bundle.

Friday, August 19, 2011

JMeter -- Process Setup 04 -- Create/Populate Folders

This is part four of our Setup process.  Part three can be found here:

When we left of from last time, we still had the following to do:
  • Create a directory structure for organizing JMeter test scripts, results, and reports.
  • Edit and create file.
  • Create custom build.xml file.
    • Extended with AntContrib and AntelopeTasks.
  • Edit XSL files to show more information / calculations.
    • Split the times and latency (Time to First Byte and Time to Last Byte).
    • Add Min, Max, Average, Standard Deviation, and 90% calculations.
    • Add run times and custom title.
    • Edit the default Java memory heap size to prevent out of memory errors.
    • Duplicate the file and strip out the details for quick loading the browser and phones.
    • Edit the build file to transform the results twice, detailed and non-detailed.
    • Edit the build file to be able to perform transformations at will.
    • Add a different XSLT processor to handle the transformations if needed.
  • Create Performance Monitor Data Collector Set.
    • Counters that can be used and links to resources.
  • Creating batch file to run the ant commands.
  • Edit build.xml file to handle auto start/stop of Perfmon.
  • Edit build.xml file to auto send mails upon Success or Failure.
Let's start with the directory structure.

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