Thursday, December 29, 2011

Don't post your "Adult Film" Name online!! Here's why...

I was just reading through some older blog posts in Google Reader and came across this GFI post.
It immediately reminded me of this xkcd comic.

Basically, your adult film name (AFN) is comprised of two parts:
First Name = your Pet's name
Last Name = the street you live on

So, for example, in the xkcd comic, the girl's AFN is Mister Rogers.

The post explains that it was big on Tumbler and Twitter for people to reblog/retweet the message with their AFN, which should definitely be avoided!


Because in many sites' password recovery feature, those are two of the pre-canned questions that users can select as their "secret question:"
  • What is the name of your first pet.
  • What street did you grow up on?
From Naked Security in 2009
Even if you like to create your own security questions, sometimes there is no option to do so and you must answer one of these questions.

So, don't go around posting these answers for the world to see!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanks for noticing me...

I drove to work this morning,
having a plate-full of cupcakes to share,
with the team.
On the way there, I saw a sign-holding man,
waving at the cars, trucks, and vans,
that pass by everyday.
On his sign, says "Help!
Homeless, Hungry, and Looking for Work."

We had spoken before this day, as well,
when I had stopped to fill up at Shell,
on the corner.

I had given him a few,
dollars and coins.
He expressed his thanks,
smiled, and waved me on.

Today I, pulled into Shell,
not for gas, but to share a treat,
I waved to him from across the street,
As he approached, I held out the sweets,
Which was met by a smile and a warm-filled greet.

"Aw, cupcakes," he exclaimed!

After his thanks, and a shake of the hand,
His smile halfway melted,
A bit of sorrow was there, I had felt it;

He looked very genuine and real,
And said, "Thanks for noticing me."
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