Friday, December 14, 2012

Condolences and Gun Control arguments

My heart goes out to those who have passed and those who are suffering in Newtown, Connecticut.

I've heard many people from the NRA state that "Guns don't kill people.  People kill people."  That's true.  Guns are just tools, like a hammer, a knife, or a car.

While people can kill other people using these tools, that doesn't make all tools equal.

  • A hammer can be used to hit a nail, or to hit a person.  It was created though to hit a nail.
  • A knife can be used to cut a fruit, or to to cut a person.  It's normal use though,  is to cut food.
  • A car can be used to drive from A to B, or to drive into a person or into another car.  It was created as a mode of transportation, and that is it's normal use.
A gun can be used for killing animals for fun/sport, or for killing people.
It's a tool for killing.  You can't build a house with a gun.  You can't cut an apple to feed your baby with a gun.  You can't drive from A to B with a gun.

A gun is for killing.  Nothing else.

Having a gun for "defense" means that you want to defend yourself by killing someone else.  If someone ever broke into a gun owner's house, the chances are high that he'll get shot "center mass," and be leaving in a body bag.

A gun is for killing.
And the prime use is for killing other people.

Should all guns be banned?  Probably not, but something definitely needs to be done.

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